Update February

Here are two important updates for all of you who are interested in my scientific illustrations. First of all the new monograph of Prof. Foissner is finally out. The first 10 prints are available and the next ~100 prints are coming soon. You can purchase them directly from Prof. Foissner, me or at the next DGP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Protozoologie) congress which will be held in Switzerland next week (23.2 – 26.2).

The second update is the digital Illustration of Quadrulella sp. which I did for a brazilian colleague (see Portfolio Protozoa). This illustration is not strictly scientific, but also artistic with the glowing background and the coloration of the cytoplasm and the plates. I am very proud of this piece and the creation process was so nice.

Digital illustration

Quadrulella sp.

More updates are coming soon.

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