Update March 2017

After a long break I am back with some interesting news:

  • Since february I am working on my PhD in marine protozoology at the University of Salzburg.
  • Some hard-working women writers and myself are publishing a children’s book right now with the titel: „Eiskalt erwischt! Ein Fall für die Sinnesdetektive“(Morawa Verlag, only available in german). More coming up soon!
  • I added a new column in my portfolio called „Non-Scientific“, come check it out.
  • There is a new article about myself in the Red Pandazine (Link) about scientific illustration.
  • I won first place in the Comic Con Austria drawing competition (see Portfolio – Non-Scientific)

There are also some protozoological life drawings in the pipe line and even the shop, which was currently at rest, will soon present some new goodies, so watch out!

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