Update April

It’s been a while since I posted my last update, but there is so much stuff going on right now that it was almost impossible for me to post anything, sorry for that.

Some good news came to my ear yesterday, namely the online version of the monograph „Terrestrial and Semiterrestrial Ciliates (Protozoa, Ciliophora) from Venezuela and Galapagos“ is now available. I am waiting for permission to post the link on my homepage but as soon as it is granted I will inform all of you.

Also maybe within this year, it will be possible to order T-shirts and tote bags with ciliate-prints on it. Currently I am working on this project, next to some other stuff, and if some of you are interested there will also be the possibility to get my metazoans on shirts and bags. But it should require some time.

So, I keep on drawing to present some good new stuff in the next time and next update is coming soon…..


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