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It is about time that I enlarge my social media catalogue and therefore I am now part of the pinterest and instagram community, woohooo!!! I try to post some preliminary work there but you will have the chance to see the final results on all of my websites. This is a nice step for me and I hope you will follow me additionally to facebook and my official page also on instagram and pinterest. Like I said before, there will be some scribbles, sketches and preliminary drawings of my new project visible so stay tuned!

I am also working on a calendar for 2018 which will be available on my website and also on my social media platforms, so just contact me if you are interested. The calendar will include some of my work orders and personal stuff from the last two years and at the moment I am at the production process but news will come in the next week.

So, have a nice week y’all and stay in contact for nice things to come!


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