First post in 2019

As a first, late, post in the year 2019 I want to say thanks to all of you who already visited my homepage and spread the word that Hieronymus Illustration is out there illustrating for the ones in need. I updated my homepage with some drawings I did some time ago (non-scientific and metazoans) and I am already working on 2 new projects that will be finished sometime in May. So watch out! Currently, I am quite busy with my PhD. Just recently, I published my second manuscript about a newly established model organism and I am really happy about it. If you are interested, you can read the preview at the homepage of the Acta Protozoologica (you find a link at „References“). I also attended a conference in vienna of the „German Society of Protozoology“ where I achieved second place in oral presentations. Next to the 2 new projects , I also prepare for the „European Conference of Protozoology“ in Rome, where I have to present a poster AND do a oral presentation. This will be in July/August, so the next month will again be quite stressful. But I keep you updated and please come by any time you like to get inspired by some Hieronymus Illustrations!

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