The use of drawings as a demonstration tool is slightly neclected because we are living in a time of progress and advanced digital media. But a drawing is able to show differences in textures, size, compostition and arrangement much better than a foto could do. Special details for example, can be enlarged and/or highlighted in almost any way.

The basic idea of my service is to show these significant details and anatomical characteristics in nature. Additionally I want to help support scientific research by using illustrations to preserve certain features and present them also to a broader public.

For my work I choose traditional but also modern and digital techniques to illustrate, depending on the clients wish.

For protozoological research I offer morphometric measurements, line drawings from interphase and morphogenetic stages, life drawings and preparation of type slides.

Additionally, a illustration-plate can be ordered, where the drawings will be arranged in adequate positions.

For further informations, orderings and estimation of costs please use the contact link.