Update Metazoan

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Its been quite a while since my last post but I was busy in finishing my first scientific manuscript which will be published soon and there were various other jobs which I had to finish. But now I can give … Weiterlesen

Update March 2017

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After a long break I am back with some interesting news: Since february I am working on my PhD in marine protozoology at the University of Salzburg. Some hard-working women writers and myself are publishing a children’s book right now … Weiterlesen

The Shop is online!

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I am very happy to announce the big opening of my online-shop. You can find the link in the navigation bar. At the moment there are only two illustrations available but they are constantly increasing and you can also get … Weiterlesen

Octopus vulgaris

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After about half a year with multiple breaks, I finally finished my Octopus vulgaris. It is always a great feeling to finish such a big and timeconsuming illustration and especially if it looks almost exactly like in my imagination. A … Weiterlesen

Metazoan Update

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I just finished my second pure digital illustration „Kerodon rupestris“, a so called Moko (mountain guinea pig) from southern Brazil. These animals live in mountainous regions and feed on leaves. They have almost the same size than regular guinea pigs … Weiterlesen

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