Octopus vulgaris

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After about half a year with multiple breaks, I finally finished my Octopus vulgaris. It is always a great feeling to finish such a big and timeconsuming illustration and especially if it looks almost exactly like in my imagination. A … Weiterlesen

Metazoan Update

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I just finished my second pure digital illustration „Kerodon rupestris“, a so called Moko (mountain guinea pig) from southern Brazil. These animals live in mountainous regions and feed on leaves. They have almost the same size than regular guinea pigs … Weiterlesen

Published Article

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Just recently there was an article published about me and my work. Unfortunately, for all of you non-german speakers, this one is just in german. But nevertheless it’s an published article about my work 🙂 Enjoy! :: 10 Fragen an … Weiterlesen

Update April

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It’s been a while since I posted my last update, but there is so much stuff going on right now that it was almost impossible for me to post anything, sorry for that. Some good news came to my ear … Weiterlesen

Update February

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Here are two important updates for all of you who are interested in my scientific illustrations. First of all the new monograph of Prof. Foissner is finally out. The first 10 prints are available and the next ~100 prints are … Weiterlesen

Monograph on Soil Ciliates

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The new monograph of Prof. Wilhelm Foissner will be available with the end of January (Terrestrial and Semiterrestrial ciliates (Protozoa, Ciliophora) from Venezuela and Galapagos). I did a lot of drawings for this monograph and therefore I am very proud … Weiterlesen


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Another illustration which I finished with color and brush. It starts to work. First I did the coloration with Gouache, than I shaded the whole animal with ink and finally I did the background with Photoshop. Long live mixed media!

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