Update Metazoan

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Its been quite a while since my last post but I was busy in finishing my first scientific manuscript which will be published soon and there were various other jobs which I had to finish. But now I can give you not one but two impressions at once ;). I finished a digital illustration of a red panda for a client who is running an online magazin (www.redpandazin.com). If you want to have the panda on a T-Shirt or on other items, don’t be shy to check out the onlineshop of the redpandazin, which opens its gates very soon. I keep you updated on this. The other digital illustration is my octopus vulgaris which can be purchased on my own onlineshop. I already got myself a T-Shirt and the quality and also the print are quite nice. So go get it!

digital illustration
Red Panda
digital illustration
Octopus vulgaris